Editorial Policy

  1. All articles on NeopedEdu.com will be written by Dr.Wisniewski
  2. All articles that are already published get reviewed every five years for relevancy and accuracy. Revisions may be made in the articles, or an entirely new material will be released if needed. In such a case, a note will be posted at the beginning of the old article with the link to updated information.
  3. While writing the content of the articles, Dr.Wisniewski will try to separate factual evidence from his opinions. Evidence will be supported with references and links to original source articles.
  4. NeoPedEdu.com will not be publishing any sponsored articles to remain neutral regarding the information presented to the reader.
  5. If you notice incorrect information published on our website, please contact NeoPedEdu or Dr.Wisniewski using our Contact Page under the tab “About.” We will make an effort to correct the information after receiving proper notification.
  6. The only purpose of the articles is to educate parents and families about issues affecting their children’s health and not provide any medical advice.