About Dr.Wisniewski


Dr.Wisniewski has over 30 years of clinical experience as a neonatologist and pediatrician having practiced both in University and Regional Health Systems.

Dr.Wisniewski is passionate about educating the families of his patients and other healthcare professionals on health issues affecting newborn babies and children. He specializes in online forms of education, such as website articles, discussion groups, and full-length courses and seminars. 

Dr.Wisniewski started his medical education in Poland. He graduated from the Karol Marcinkowski Medical School in Poznan. Later, he came to Chicago and continued his medical training. He completed his pediatric residency and neonatal fellowship at the University of Illinois in Chicago.

During his postgraduate training, he also graduated from a unique program; Master’s Degree in Health Professionals Education (MHPE). (Link to MHPE)

Dr.Wisniewski is a board-certified physician in the USA both in pediatrics and neonatology. He holds an active physician’s license in Illinois, Indiana, and North Carolina (Link to ABP).

During his career, Dr.Wisniewski served in various administrative roles such as Medical Director, Vice-Chair of Department of Pediatrics, Site Leader, and Leader of various Quality Improvements Initiatives. 

Doctor Wisniewski published a book for parents of premature babies who were born before 32 weeks of gestational age. The book’s title is “Babies Born Early” and is available on Amazon Kindle here.

To find out more about Dr.Wisniewski, you can visit his LinkedIn profile and check his profile on Google Scholar.