About NeoPedEdu

Neo Ped Edu is about the health of preemies, full-term newborns, children, and women.

Dr.Wisniewski founded the NeoPedEdu to streamline his on-line education efforts. 

The main goal for NeoPedEdu organization is to disseminate knowledge about health issues and conditions affecting premature babies, full-term newborns, and children. 

The primary audiences that I will always keep in my mind are the parents and families of my patients. I firmly believe that parents and families of sick children are entitled to full, comprehensive medical information that is not dumbed down.

Frequently, I have been seeing parents of my patients sitting in the NICU at their baby’s side and reading the information available on the internet about medical topics relevant to the condition that their baby had.

Unfortunately, whenever I engaged them in discussions of the topics they read, I realized that the quality of the articles they had read was very poor. 

I analyzed many websites that have health as their topic and found the following problems and deficiencies:

  1. Some big websites are trying to cover numerous topics where too many authors write articles. Sometimes authors are not even named, and their credentials are unknown.
  2. Other websites are written by parents or family members who do not have knowledge or experience other than having a child with the condition themselves. It results in an onesided opinion and very subjective information.
  3. Credible websites which are developed by big governmental organizations or hospital systems are trying to dumb down information so average citizen with low literacy level would be able to understand. 
  4. Frequently, readers will have a hard time to differentiate between the author’s opinions and evidence in the medical literature

Recognizing above mentioned problems, I decided to keep informing you in my articles as thoroughly as possible. I imagine my readers as parents who want to learn more about the condition that affects their loved ones. 

I assume that my readers have at least a high school or higher level of education. Finally, I plan to write all articles myself, so there will be consistency in style and format that hopefully, you will get to understand and like.

I pledge to You:

  1. I will be honest with You
  2. I will share the wealth of my clinical experience with You
  3. I will provide evidence to support what I write about

NeoPedEdu and Dr.Wisniewski produce and publish content at:

NeoPedEdu.com – blog articles with comments and discussions 

You Tube NeoPedEdu – free video presentations

On Amazon Kindle: My book “Babies Born Early – A guide for parents of babies born before 32 weeks”.

NeoPedEdu.pl – a sister website to neopededu.com which is in Polish language


All articles published by NeoPedEdu and Dr.Wisniewski are only for general information purposes. Nothing that is developed and published here should be viewed as any medical advice. There is always a chance that the included information may be inaccurate. Before making any decisions affecting your health or health of your family members, you should contact your doctor.